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Sandstone Grill is the result of two Midwest girls who dreamed of cooking. Tenise and Tammy are sisters who grew up in St. Paul, NE. After a few years exploring the big cities (Tenise was in Kansas City for 12 years, Tammy was in Seattle for 6 years) they decided to look for culinary opportunities closer to their family. Although a restaurant wasn’t really what they originally had in mind they discussed a couple of options while both back in NE for their grandfather’s funeral in June 05. “Aunt” Janet overheard the conversation and the following Monday e-mailed the girls a listing for a vacant restaurant in downtown Burwell. Tammy flew back that Friday and the girls took a week off to explore the opportunity. They toured the old Burwell Hotel and fell in love with the building and original tin ceilings, in which they saw potential to make it into a great destination spot. A business plan was born and the sisters packed up and moved to Burwell in August '05. After a 4 month renovation the tin ceiling was given a great new look, the hardwood floors were restored and the look of the historic Burwell hotel which is attached through French doors was carried over to create a wonderful new look. Now they were ready for business!

Burwell is a resort town with quite a few dining choices. While Tenise and Tammy visited the first time they ate at all of them. What they saw was an opportunity to fill a niche with their healthy gourmet culinary styles. The menu is filled with tasty deli sandwiches, gourmet salads, homemade soups, specialty burgers, pasta and of course steak and seafood. The homemade rolls and desserts that the locals craved were added and a niche was filled. We also have an impressive wine list to complement our tasty cuisine.

Special Thanks:
Lynn Franzen & Johanna Holt of the Burwell Economic Development office. You guys were great from the concept stage, through the grand opening and ribbon cutting and now that we are open by supporting us in what we do.

Clarence & Vonna Dey for believing we could do it and supporting us even through we ended up being a little “different”.

Our family: Ev for the electrical, Roxie for the design help, Gregg, Dad, Rob and Ryan for the physical labor, Kristi for all of the graphic design help, Janet for all of the help with WHATEVER we needed, Mom for the babysitting help and everyone else who came down to lend a hand. We could not have done it without you!

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sandstone grill owners:
tammy schmaljohn & tenise jarecke

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